What is InFish?

The InFish Project is an international collaboration among government, universities, and non-governmental organizations, including researchers from the USGS (Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Great Lakes Science Center, National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center), various universities (Michigan State University, Carleton University, University of Florida, University of Hull, Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison) and organizations (FAO, Secure Fisheries). Together we tackle some of the most pressing issues facing global inland fisheries today. Check other sections of this website to learn more about who we are  and what we do.

What are inland fisheries?

Inland fisheries refers to the harvesting of aquatic organisms from inland waters – lakes, rivers, streams, canals, reservoirs, and other land-locked waters (FAO, 2014). The vast majority of global inland fisheries production is from small-scale, commercial or subsistence-oriented operations, obtained by harvesting wild, self-recruiting aquatic organisms and does not involve use of production-enhancing measures (i.e., pure 'capture fisheries').

Why should I care about inland fisheries?

Inland fisheries provide a reliable source of employment and food and nutritional security to communities and are an important cultural and recreational resource.

How important is Inland Fisheries compared to marine fisheries?

Inland fisheries and aquaculture contributed 59 million tonnes (35%) to reported global fisheries production in 2014 (FAO, 2016). Over 60 million people are involved in small-scale inland fisheries value chains and many more obtain a significant part of their diet from inland fish (World Bank, 2012). While visible and impactful marine initiatives (e.g., the Global Ocean Commission, U.S. Presidential Task Force on IUU Fishing, Our Ocean, Sea Around Us) have increased awareness, political will, and funding for marine issues, there is a noted lack of similar initiatives for inland systems despite their economic, social, and cultural importance.

How can I join InFish?

InFish is always interested in fostering new collaborations and partnerships! InFish has monthly update calls and meets, on average, once a year in-person to develop new project ideas and discuss ongoing initiatives. Please get in touch with us to learn more and become a member of our team.